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A hobbyist collector enjoys all aspects of accumulating a full range of objects related to their interest. Their collections will include the most common, generally least expensive item to the rarest, most expensive item they can afford. While acquisition to completion of a 'set' is the end-game. What truly fuels a collector's passion is the hunt for the elusive object; research of the subject matter; the challenge of pitting their knowledge against someone else's, and finally the negotiations that lead to acquisition. Nowhere does the definition of hobby or collector imply financial gain. In instances a financial gain may occur, but it is not a focal point of a collector.

Let's say you want that certified MS-70 date set of American Silver Eagles, or you want every coin made worldwide with a butterfly image, go ahead build your collection. The point is, these items are appropriate for your collection, but not for your Hedge Account or Investment Portfolio. Each area serves a different purpose, timeline and strategy.