Cowens 2x2 Coin Holder
Cowens 2x2 Coin Holder

Cowens 2x2 Coin Holder

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Cardboard 2x2 flips are the most widely used coin holders in the industry. Just insert a coin, fold over and staple. Cowen's brand holders--made with heavier (thicker) cardboard-- provide more protection for your coins than the other brands of 2x2 cardboard coin holders available on the market. The inside of Cowen's holders are lined with DuPont Mylar, the chemically most non-reactive lining available for coins. Mylar does not tear or scratch and is also the most moisture resistant film available. Mylar film is also dustproof with the lowest available permeability. Sold in packs of 100. Minimum Order 3 packs (300 pieces). Mix and Match sizes. 

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