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 The following topics are some of the more common issues that arise in numismatics. We are fervent believers in educating our clients. A client who is well informed knows what to expect from their dealer regarding products and services, and what the dealer expects from them. 

  • Estate Planning - A proactive look at inheritance issues and disposing of a numismatic collection or accumulation
  •         Estate Planning for Numsimatics

  • Glossary - Industry specific terminogy and what it means
  •         Glossary of Numismatics

  • Grading Standards - Determining the condition of numismatic items
  •         Grading Standards for Coins, Tokens, and Medals
            Grading Standards for Currency, Script and Documents

  • Investing - The basic differences between Collecting, Hedging, and Investing numismatics
  •         Investment Guidance for Numismatics

  • Scrap Gold and Silver - How is the price determined?
  •         Selling Your Scrap Metal