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During economic uncertainty, it is not uncommon to see Wall Street move to safety; namely in the form of precious metals. Some investors turn to tangible assets like art, collectibles, coins and currency. Unfortunately, when the private sector looks to tangible assets for investment or hedging opportunities, they are pretty much on their own. In many cases the asset and timing are wrong; or they don’t fully understand the asset class and/or the timeline to hold. Furthermore, they have to negotiating the mine field of who to do business with, as they are bombarded with advertising from television financial and shopping channels, radio and magazines. Some, unfortunately, are targeted by predatory sales people from promotion houses. In the end, what was thought to be good for their portfolio, wasn't! 

As a professional numismatist and bullion trader (1977-present); and former Registered Investment Advisor and Financial Planner (1995-2003), I am in a unique position to help add precious metals, rare coins and currency to your portfolio. 

 The key to the client's and my success is
  1. Ascertaining your goals, risk tolerance and timeline through an interview process
  2. Client education, education, education, so the client
    • has reasonable expectations relative to market conditions
    • is knowledgeable of the risks involved
    • is knowledgeable of the products available
    • is aware of the options available—
      • Self-directed IRAs
      • Private Holdings
      • Off-site Storage.
    • is aware of compliance issues, when applicable