Special Warning Notice 06/29/2017

We have received several calls from around the country regarding fake checks being issued on our bank account ending ####0542. As a result, this account has been closed effective 06/29/17. Furthermore, local law enforcement, the Federal Trade Commission and US Postal Inspectors Office have been notified, as well as a fraud investigation initiated at Columbia State Bank. These fake checks have no holographic security images, are usually for large amounts, and are signed by someone not in our employ. If you receeive one of these fake checkes, Do Not Deposit It - Do Not Deliver Goods or Services Against It! Report it.

For more information contact us at [email protected]


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Effective 6/29/2017 Checks issued by The Roamin' Roman, Inc. with the account number ending 0542 are no longer valid. This Account has been closed due to a Scammer issuing fake checks.