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Uncirculated - a numismatic reference. Showing no evidence of circulation.
Uniface - a numismatic reference. 
  • Coins - having devices, lettering or numbers only on one side.
  • Paper - printing only on one side.


Validation Stamp - a hand-stamp, perferation, adhesive stamp, etc on paper designating official endorsement.


Watermark - a hidden design in paper only visible when held at a certain angle to the light. A security device in paper money and monetary instruments.
Whiz, (zed) - a numismatic reference. Slang for a technique used to alter the surface of a coin or medal, in an attempt to mask the grade. The tool is a wire brush.

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Zinc - a bluish, white, lusterous metal is brittle. Used primarly in industrial applications due to its high resistance to corrosion. It is also used as an alloy in some forms of coin production.
Zn - chemical symbol for Zinc.